5 Tips to Select the Right Skip for the Construction Waste

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Skip hire plays a vital role in a  project. It is one of the factors to ensure efficiency in terms of waste disposal at an affordable price. So, while handling waste management, you need to choose your right size skip. It is essential to choose the skip size accurately, taking into account the type and amount of waste to be generated based on the nature and specific needs of the construction project. Here is a brief guideline to help you choose the right skip hire in Slough.

Top 5 Considerations While Hiring a Skip

  1. Segregation based on waste types:It is essential to segregate the wastes as per their suitability to be put in a skip. The three essential categories include,

  • Compactable and non-compactable general waste
  • Inert materials, including concrete, ceramics, and aggregates.
  • Soils

Wastes that can be recycled should also be categorised. this includes,

  • Electrical items
  • Plasterboards
  • Metals
  • Timber
  • Green Wastes
  • Dry mixed wastes including paper, plastic and cardboards
  1. Determining the quantity of waste: It is essential to decide on the amount of waste to be produced to judge the skip size required. The standard skip sizes are as follows,

  • Mini or mid-size skips of 4-8 yards
  • Maxi skips of 8-12 yards
  • Roll-on and Roll-off skips of 16-40 yards
  1. On-site waste management procedures
  • On-site segregation: choosing skips of small sizes will help inadequate segregation of wastes for disposal and recycling. This will cut the total cost as well.
  • Choose specialised skips: Using a dedicated skip will keep the waste secure and dry.
  • Keeping heavy materials aside: Low-sided containers to be used for quick and easy loading.
  1. Imposing Restrictions
  • Space: There should be enough space for multiple skips of various skip sizes.
  • Time: Choose a time to wait and load for locations with restricted access and strict timelines.
  1. Things to Look for At the Service Provider’s End
  • Availability
  • Advice
  • Compliance

It is wise to plan your skip hire well in advance. Aymer Skip is one of the well-known service providers of skip hire in Slough. Get in touch to dispose of your construction waste without any additional stress.

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