Dealing with Medical Waste at Home – How to Safely Perform the Task

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Whether you have a COVID 19 positive patient at your house or not, you should always be highly careful about handling the medical waste at your home. There are several types of waste that you can have in your home. Along with kitchen waste and household waste, you should always take care of the medical waste to avoid contamination and health risks. You need to take the help of the top skip hire companies in Richmond for safe and proper waste disposal.

In this current pandemic situation, you may have one or more family members who are COVID 19 affected and living in the home-quarantine situation. Their daily waste has to be handled with immense care to avoid the risks of contamination.

Know how you should deal with medical waste in your home safely and reduce the chance of getting ill from that waste.

Use Special Waste Boxes

It is necessary to keep the medical waste separate from all the other waste you have in your home.  You should use certain types of skips which are specially designed and provided for medical garbage. Ask your skip hire company to provide you with such skips where you can store your medical waste daily.

Get Certain Type of Skips

If you need to dispose of syringes and needles, then use certain types of skip boxes that are specially made for such items. Keep the sharp medical items away from the general waste to avoid injuries and infections.

Wear PPE

Not only the skip hire experts, but you should also use PPE in your home while handling medical waste; especially the contaminated ones. Wear gloves, masks, and face covers to keep yourself out of the reach of any type of contamination of the germs. Wash your hand and use sanitizers every time you touch the waste boxes.

Use Lidded Boxes

You should always use lidded waste boxes to avoid spreading of germs inside your house. When it comes to handling medical waste, you must have boxes with proper covers or lids to avoid any type of spreading of harmful germs and infections.

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