Efficient Waste Removal Leading to a Healthier Environment

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Waste materials are produced in massive volumes and different forms daily. Every chemical process leads to the generation of products, and almost everything that happens around us is a kind of chemical reaction. While industrial and domestic wastes are the two main kinds produced by the planet.

The waste that is being generated needs to be disposed of appropriately. Skip hire in Chertsey is an excellent solution for efficient and systematic waste removal.

The various types of wastes and their removal procedures

To ensure a cleaner and healthier environment, not only do you require adequate knowledge about the various kinds of waste, but must know about sustainable waste removal procedures. Aymer Skip Hire is a reliable name in the field of Skip hire in Chertsey and provides practical and affordable waste removal services based on your needs.

  • Liquid Waste 

Liquid waste refers to waste materials that have a liquid form or liquid base such as grease, oil, sludges, wash water, liquid detergents and contaminated water. Any waste existing in liquid form is also known as wastewater.

Removal: Removal of liquid waste is done by three types of processes:

  1. Containment of the waste
  2. Treatment of the waste
  3. Disposal of the waste
  • Solid Waste

This kind of waste includes all forms of solid or semi-solid-state waste materials. For instance, garbage, sludge, and industrial and commercial refuse are all categorised as solid waste.

Removal: The removal of solid waste depends on the type of solid material the waste primarily comprises. They include:

  1. Glass and Ceramics
  2. Plastic waste
  3. Paper rubbish
  4. Metal waste

These wastes are recycled or disposed of based on the material of the solid waste.

  • Organic Waste

These generally include biodegradable and natural wastes like rotten meat, garden and food waste.

Removal: Generally, this kind of waste products are decomposed or put into green bins for recycling.

  • Hazardous Waste

The most dangerous and at times potentially fatal wastes include flammable, corrosive, toxic and reactive or nuclear material.

Removal: Here are four ways of removing these wastes:

  • Recycling
  • Incineration or destruction of the material
  • Pyrolysis
  • Disposing of in remote areas or landfills

How can a  Skip hire in Chertsey help?

Aymer Skip Hire is a reliable and reputed Skip hire in Chertsey that can provide you with the most economical and practical domestic waste removal solutions.

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