Few Rules And Regulations You Have To Follow When Hiring A Skip

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If you are planning a home or business renovation/project, hire a skip so you can get rid of the waste generated. Though numerous companies scattered all over Camberley offer skip hire services, there are still a few people who have not yet hired a skip. Even if they want to get rid of unwanted rubbish from their home or office, they are not aware of the rules and regulations one has to follow when hiring a skip. Negligence to follow the safety and environmental regulations can lead to fines and extra charges.  You might also end up damaging our environment. As a responsible citizen, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations one has to follow when hiring a skip.

3 Rules To Follow When Hiring A Skip In Camberley

  • Know The Items You Can’t Put In A Skip

There are a few items you should avoid putting in a skip if you don’t want to end up paying fines. Putting restricted items in a skip can also lead to legal charges. Few of those items are fridges, pesticides, asbestos, tyres, paint, oils and medical waste. A majority of these items can harm our environment and should be disposed of separately. They are also considered to be a risk to public health and are restricted from putting into a skip in numerous countries.

  • Avoid Fly Tipping

The easiest way to avoid fly-tipping in skips is by avoiding the illegal dumping of waste. You will be surprised to know that fly-tipping is one of the common reasons why the UK’s economy is losing a lot of money. This illegal practice is also dangerous for our environment and poses grave threats to the people. It becomes a challenge for others to know the items the skip contains. Anyone following this illegal practice when hiring a skip has to pay fines or face legal charges.

  • Take The Necessary License

Just choosing a reputed company providing skip hire in Camberley isn’t sufficient. It is your responsibility to put it in a suitable place. If you are placing it in a locally-owned property, you will require a council permit. You can either ask the skip hire company to apply for the permit or do it personally. You also have to ensure that the skip is not blocking any driveway or utility access points like manholes.

Follow the rules and regulations stated above and you can hire a skip with complete peace of mind.

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