Have Excess waste? Tips To Follow When Filling A Skip

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3 Tips To Follow If You Want To Get Rid Of Excess Waste

  • Remove The Water

If you notice that your skip has become full with wastewater, drain out the water immediately. Not only will it help in reducing the weight of the skip but you will also have more space to put the excess waste. Take a closer look at the bottom of the skip and you might find a drain. If you can’t find one, get in touch with the company you have approached for skip hire in Windsor.

  • Place The Big Items First

One of the primary benefits of putting the large objects first in the skip is that you can maximise the space in it. Once you have placed all the large items, you can conveniently fit the small ones around them.

  • Break Up The Waste

If possible, break up the large objects before putting them in the skip. Numerous small objects will need less room than fewer large objects. It is advisable to use a sledgehammer to break down the large objects. If you want to break down boxes, use a utility knife. Don’t ever try to compact the rubbish by climbing the skip and jumping over it.

Since you now know how you can get rid of excess waste in a skip, it’s time you get in touch with Aymer Skip Hire for affordable skip hire services.

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