Hire A Skip In Feltham And Fill The Bin The Right Way

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If you want to get rid of a large amount of waste from your home or office, look for a company offering skip hire services. It is an efficient method of disposing of waste. Just make sure that the company you are approaching provides excellent customer service. Not only will they help you hire the right-sized skip according to your waste removal requirements but also share a few tips so that you can fill the skip the right way. Choosing the right size skip is more important than you think if you want to fit the waste adequately in an economical and convenient way.

Want To Fill Your Skip The Right Way? 3 Tips For You

  • Avoid Overfilling The Skip

Even if you want to load the maximise amount of waste in the skip, make sure you don’t end up filling it above the rim. If you notice that you have more waste than your expectations, hire one big skip or two small skips instead of overfilling one. Overfilled skips can be an issue, as there are chances for the waste to fall off the skip while being transported. Not only will this lead to pollution but the waste might also injure someone.

  • Never Put Chemicals Or Harmful Waste In The Skip

Almost every country has a few rules regarding the type of waste you can put in a skip. Generally, companies offering skip hire in Feltham advice their customers not to put chemicals or harmful waste in the skips. Few of the common hazardous items you should avoid putting in the skip is petrol, used batteries, car tires, flammable liquids and other chemicals. When items like these are put in a skip, they become a threat to people and the environment.

  • Put The Waste Tightly And Efficiently

There is a limited amount of space in a skip. If you are willing to make the most of the available space, throw the waste efficiently so that there is less wastage of space. First, pick the waste items you can lay flat at the bottom of your skip. As far as the bulky and heavy waste is concerned, try to place them in the middle. If possible, break them into small pieces and putting them in the skip will become easier.

This being said, it’s time you start following the tips stated above and you can fill your skip the right way.

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