How Can an Efficient Skip Hire Help You Dispose of Mattresses?

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Clearing up a residential property generates a substantial amount of waste. The waste should be disposed of in a proper and organised way. It must also be done on a timely basis. Out of all the bulky household waste that needs to be disposed of, mattresses tend to be a headache. Although this can be taken care of with the assistance of efficient and reliable skip hire in Kingston. A certified waste removal company does not only ensure appropriate waste removal services but also work in compliance with legal requirements.

Disposing of a mattress: What needs to be considered?

When it comes to disposing of a mattress, the age of the mattress is a crucial factor. In other words, you must decide if the mattress can be used for a few more years, or if it requires a replacement. Generally, we do not think much about the mattresses in our homes once we have bought them. But after a particular time, their replacement becomes inevitable. The old mattress, in such cases, needs to be disposed of. Skip hire in Kingston can be a perfect option for such purposes.

Various ways to get rid of an old mattress

There are a variety of ways an old mattress can be disposed of. The disposition involves varying costs. According to statistics, approximately 7.5 million mattresses are discarded in the UK every year. Considering that, recycling is the most sustainable and suitable option. Certifiedskip hire in Kingston can be the best option if you want to recycle the mattress.

Apart from the recycling, the other options you have are:

  • Asking the council to dispose of the mattress
  • Donate the mattress to a charity

Why choose to skip hire in Kingston for mattress disposal?

Choosing a certified skip hire in Kingston is the perfect option for old mattress disposal is the right option because,

  • Economical
  • Recycling option
  • Adherence to legal compliances
  • Takes care of all other bulky waste removal and collection needs

If you are looking to dispose of a mattress, choosing a skip hire in Kingston is the most sustainable and economical option.  

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