How to Choose a Skip Hire in Weybridge during a Pandemic Lockdown

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The impact of a pandemic lockdown is deep and dark on every sector of the world. In such a situation, people are confused about whether they should get worried about their health or income or expenditure. Since we all know that health is our most significant worry, it is important to take good care of the health of yourself and your loved ones during the COVID 19 pandemic. Choosing the right skip hire company is essential to get rid of the daily waste of your home and keep that place safe from infection and diseases.

Here are a few tips for you to choose the right skip hire in Weybridge that can make your life easier and safer in this period of global crisis.

Things You Must Know About the Company

Are They Still in Business

Lots of bin hire or skip hire companies in the UK have closed their operations due to lockdown. This situation demands specialised training and skill to handle containers that might be infected or risky. This is not the job of a regular skip hire service provider. Specially trained staffs with specially designed skip bins can be hired for the same. So, first of all, you should check whether the company you want to hire is still offering their skip bin service during this lockdown mode or not.

What Types of Waste

What types of waste do you want them to remove from your property? Are they able to handle such kind of waste? Do they have any prior experience for the same? If it is the garden waste, then you must look for the skip hire company that has enough expertise and proper bins to manage the job of garden waste removal smoothly.

Special Bins for Quarantine Care

In this current time, many people are in home-quarantine due to COVID 19 virus. It is highly contagious and can be fatal in some cases too. Hence, the skip bins that are used to carry the waste of a patient’s room or the waste of quarantine care must be handled with precautions. The waste disposal team should wear PPE while handling the waste. They must have special bins for the quarantine care to carry the infected waste.

Timely Disposal

The timely disposal of this waste is highly required. You should know that the waste of a COVID 19 patient’s room should not be touched within the 48 hours. The bin must not be touched during that period, and later it should be disposed of carefully so that the infection cannot be spread out at any cost. Hence, timely disposal of the waste is necessary.

Different Types of Skips

Even if it is not the waste of any COVID 19 patient, and these are the general household rubbish for which you need the skip hire service, then also you need to choose a company that can provide you with different types of skips. This will fulfil your diverse needs. Check the wide range of their skip sizes and then choose the one that can suit your requirements in the best possible manner.

Aymer Skip is one of those dedicated companies in the UK that are still offering the service of skip hire in Weybridge. You can give us a call to get more information about our services and rates.

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