How to Recycle Construction Waste Using a Skip?

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Construction waste approximately accounts for more than one-third of waste in the UK. With a staggering statistic like this, every construction site must make considerable efforts to recycle their waste. The easiest way is to hire a skip to recycle most of your construction excess.

Tips to Recycle Construction Waste with Skip Hire

  • Contact a construction skip hire to transport your materials to the new location.
  • The skip hire company will separate the recyclable items and send them to the treatment plants. You can then purchase recycled construction materials at a lower price.
  • Skip hire companies will ensure that construction items like cardboard, paper, untreated or treated timber, or concrete rubble gets recycled. They will investigate the potential recycling opportunities at your construction site. Such skip companies will treat and recycle all materials, including galvanisers, acids, paints, caustics, or pharmaceutical bile.
  • The skip companies will collect and treat concrete waste, including waste rubble and recycle them. They will crush and reuse this recycled concrete as a material for roads.

How Construction Skip Hire Works?

Skips for construction sites often have magnetic signs attached to them. It helps them to identify which wastes can be recycled. Construction skip companies conduct thorough monitoring to ensure no cross-contamination.

They will coordinate the concrete waste collection and management to ensure an efficient recycling process. They come with multiple skip sizes to meet the size of all refurbishment and construction projects. 

Aymer Skip Hire is the leading construction skip hire company in Surrey. They will provide you with a free waste audit to maximise the recycling of construction site wastes.

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