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Are you looking for best value skip hire in Kingston? Welcome to Aymer Skip Hire, a company recognised among a wide customer base throughout Kingston and adjoining areas. For over 30 years, we have been offering highly commendable services at reasonable prices. We supply skips, remove wastes and recycle the latter at our very own recycling facility in Staines. Disposal and clearances are now just one click away.

A Quick Insight 

Aymer Skip Hire is a leading service provider. We began with our specialisation in supplying mini skip services. Today, however our services have expanded. We offer mini, to medium and large scale skips for managing wastes of different volumes. From domestic to commercial waste disposal, we send skips of varying sizes to fit your tailored needs. In 30 years, we have built an empire out of a family run business. Customer faith has contributed to our staggering growth.

We are Always There for You  

Over time, we have expanded with an ever extending customer base across UK. Aymer Skip Hire deploys professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the field, experts who have considerable know-how in dealing with bespoke demands while valuing local needs. Besides, our prices are considerably reasonable.

Price Matters, So Does Quality 

When looking for skip rentals, settle for Aymer Skip Hire. Your requirement can be anything, starting from a builder’s skip to a mini skip, we will provide all. We assure an extensive range of skips to deliver maximum benefits. Visit our website and book a skip. Our fleet will reach the site at the soonest and deliver the needful. Aymer Skip Hire is highly accessible. No matter at what point of time you may need a skip hire, just give us a call.

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We are available throughout the year. Call us at any time you want and get a quick quote. Even if the job is too taxing and messy, our fleet will make sure that the rubbish or waste is disposed smoothly. We offer round the clock assistance.

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Driveways, Manholes & Sewers

Loaded skips and skips] lorries are very heavy items. If you think your driveway or pavement outside will not sustain this weight without causing damage, you may want to consider using smaller skips, and a smaller lorry.


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