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Aymer Skip Hire offers a premium, trusted, and fast service of skip hire in Staines. We provide an extensive range of waste disposal solution for commercial and domestic applications across Staines. We are the family business carrying goodwill spanning over 30 years and still counting. Our extensive experience and proven expertise gained us a satisfied clientele ever happy to attest our superior capabilities.

Setting a Feasible Approach to Skip Hire in Staines

  • We are fully committed to an eco-friendly approach. We follow a Green policy and ensure that as little as 10% of the waste collected by us goes to landfills.
  • A variety of skip sizes are available with us including Mini and Maxi options ranging from 2 – 12 Cubic Yards.
  • Our skips can suit every need ranging from disposing domestic rubbish, garden waste, to builders’ debris and bulky wastes soil and concrete that occurred during home improvement and construction projects respectively.

The Best We Can Do

At Aymer we are focused towards the more significant cause of protecting our planet and that is the reason we have set up a recycling facility in Staines, which remained in our family for several generations now. Thus, we go about with our mission of recycling as much of the waste materials we collect as possible. This is possibly one of our best takes on the global problem of carbon footprint with an approach to reduce it to some extent in our limited capacity.

Innovation is the Keyword

We have invested a commendable amount of thought, energy, effort and money in developing an innovative waste management solution. This will no doubt equip you with the power to reduce the impact of your activities on the environment. The innovation lies in our perspective towards minimising the volume of waste sent to landfills and maximising the recycling of the materials that can be re-used.

The materials recovery facility (MRF) we have set up, bears proof to the commitment we strive to fulfil towards Mother Earth and humanity. At present, we recycle about 90% and more of the wastes brought back to the facility.

Why Choose Aymer Skip Hire in Staines?

We offer every advantage one would expect from a professional skip hire company. It includes convenience, fast delivery, active load service, highway permits and an affordable price tag.

So, no more delay. Call us for your quote today for the most effective Skip Hire in Staines.
skip hire service
Skip Hire Service

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Driveways, Manholes & Sewers

Loaded skip lorries are very heavy items. If you think your driveway or pavement outside will not sustain this weight without causing damage, you may want to consider using smaller skips, and a smaller lorry.

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