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Aymer Skip Hire is well recognised as a reliable skip hire service contractor delivering skips of varying sizes to cater to domestic and commercial waste removal requirements. We offer skip hire in Windsor and neighbouring areas. Our extended customer base signifies our popularity as a leading service provider in ‘A’ class waste management.

From Budding Unit to an Expansive Enterprise

Our journey to where we are today, started over 30 years ago when we were serving customers with mini skip requirements. Today, however, we have diversified our range of services and have been rendering professional assistance in commercial or large scale skips and waste removal. Besides, we have established a large recycling facility in Staines, where wastes are reused, curtailing on landfills and contributing to a greener earth. Our professionalism has paid off in the long-run. Today, we have not only convinced our customers into purchasing our skip hire services but have also stood up to their expectations in providing world class benefits upon hiring us.

Dedicated Service 

We understand that not all waste removal requirements are the same. Hence we offer tailored services which come for an affordable price. From mini to midi and large, we can handle yards of waste with the help of skips and dispose of them without causing you any worries. Our professionals strive for service excellence and integrity. They are courteous and are always there to help you with queries and advice. These professionals give importance to a local value. They study your requirement at first before delivering the job so that you get what you want for a reasonable price.

We Exceed Your Expectations 

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right service provider when you are looking for skip hire or waste disposal. Come to Aymer Skip Hire for professional assistance on trash management and recycling. We have decades of experience in the field and have been doing our job with utmost dedication. Aymer Skip Hire sends a team of professionals, each hold license in carrying waste disposal jobs. They are efficient and smart and will not let the burdens of waste management bring you down. Call us at any time. We can be accessed through our website. You can simply call us for a quote.

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Your skip requirement may range from mini to medium or large. Call us for any scale of skip hire needs. We will get back to you in no time. Visit our website and ask for a quote, now.


From Our Wide Ranges Of Skip

Driveways, Manholes & Sewers

Loaded skips and skips] lorries are very heavy items. If you think your driveway or pavement outside will not sustain this weight without causing damage, you may want to consider using smaller skips, and a smaller lorry.


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