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Reliable, fast and outstanding, Aymer Skip Hire is a well recognised name in the skip hire industry. We began our journey as a family-run business. Today, we have massively expanded. We deliver across Woking and nearby regions. Aymer Skip Hire has an expansive customer base that trusts them for best value waste management services.

We Are a Specialised Service Provider 

Mini skip hire was initially our domain of operation until we decided to expand our business by offering commercial-scale skip hire. Today, we are offering mini, medium and large skip hire for affordable prices. We keep our prices low and aim at meeting the expectations of our customers who continue to have faith in our team of professionals and their outstanding performance. We also have a huge recycling facility under our wing which is located in Staines. We know about waste management like the back of our hand. Anytime you feel like seeking professional assistance in skip hire just call us.

Endless Benefits of Choosing Aymer Skip Hire 

We are expanding every year. We handle domestic and commercial skip hire requirements with equal efficiency. What is most important to us is customer satisfaction. We don’t leave the site without seeing our customers smiling. We only hire professionals who are dedicated to delivering seamless and effective service. Each and every experienced professional gives priority to local needs. Our workmen are extremely courteous and will respond to your queries in a gentle manner. For any skip hire or waste management related advice, contact our experts.  We will surprise you with 100% green skip hire and waste removal policies.

Affordable Skip Hire Services 

We are available 24/7. Now, for any kind of skip hire requirement in Woking or nearby areas, visit our website and quickly look for a quote. Book your service for a reasonable price and we will get back to you in the quickest turnaround time. Call us at any hour of the day and seek instant support from our team. We maintain the highest standards while offering skip services. However, our prices are set reasonably to ensure maximum benefit for our customers.

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Aymer Skip Hire is a well recognised skip hire contractor offering mini to medium and large skips for varying requirements. Our professionals work in close-knit groups from start till completion of a waste removal project, to ensure maximum efficiency. We are accessible any time of the day.


From Our Wide Ranges Of Skip

Driveways, Manholes & Sewers

Loaded skips and skips] lorries are very heavy items. If you think your driveway or pavement outside will not sustain this weight without causing damage, you may want to consider using smaller skips, and a smaller lorry.


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