Why including a Plasterboard in a Skip can be Harmful?

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Plasterboards have been a matter of concern in the waste disposal industry for a long time. One of the significant debating issues that have cropped up over the years is including Plasterboard in the skip. As per environmental regulations, plasterboards are banned from landfills. The majority of skip hire in Kingston refuses to accept Plasterboards. Even the slightest trace of Plasterboard within the garbage is not accepted for skip hire in Kingston.


Why are plasterboards environmentally dangerous?


The composition of Plasterboards makes the product non-sustainable in nature. The inner layer is made of gypsum, which is present between two outset layers of paper lining. Gypsum contains high levels of sulphates. Therefore, hydrogen sulphide is produced if you dump Plasterboards with other garbage and when the same gets mixed and wet in water. This is a colourless gas with an unpleasant odour. This gas makes it difficult for people to work.


However, this is not the primary reason. This gas is highly poisonous and highly flammable. It is not likely to allow Plasterboards in landfills as it threatens the surroundings and environment.


How to dispose of plasterboards?


Since skip hire in Kingston is not an option, you must be alert and take a few precautions to ensure that the disposed of Plasterboards fall in the right place. You can hire a mini skip and the normal skips if you have Plasterboards as a part of your garbage. Talk to the companies beforehand and inform them about the presence of plasterboards in your garbage.


This will help them to prepare themselves. Many skips hire companies to have separate enclosed spaces for storing Plasterboards. It is essential to ensure that the Plasterboard doesn’t get mixed with the other forms of garbage and doesn’t get wet in the rain. The skips will keep them stored away separately and away from water and rain.


Don’t mix the Plasterboard with garden waste, building waste or commercial waste. Chemical reactions are harmful to the environment and people as well. Alternatively, you can also focus on storing the same in your premises at your own risk. However, be alert not to let water get in touch with the same.


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